Together, fostering a world full of robots that positively impacts our lives

At RobotShop, our vision is to be the world’s leading source of robotics technology that positively impacts our lives.


Whether you are taking the first steps in your career or have experience in robotics and e-commerce, positions are frequently available in a wide variety of fields:

Robotics Development & Support

It all starts here. We love robots. We develop, build and repair robots. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and above all, we want to ensure that our customers have a remarkable experience with robotics. If we imagine a future full of robots, our technical team will be at the heart of this revolution. Robotics is moving fast and the technical team aspires to positively influence the future of robotics technology.

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Robotics Integrator

Robotics Integrators at RobotShop are instrumental in transforming client operations by seamlessly integrating advanced robotics into business processes. Our team guides product selection, manages installations, and provides ongoing support, ensuring that each system enhances productivity and efficiency. With a passion for applying robotics to real-world challenges and driving innovation across industries, Robotics Integrators are shaping the future of automation. Learn more about our Robotics Integrators team.

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Web Intelligence / Marketing

We like big data. We use the latest technologies to gather all the information available in our market, we analyze and propose action plans. This team is RobotShop's intelligence service and is committed to providing critical information in real time to all divisions and thus allow better decision-making. Everything is about better knowing ourselves, better knowing our market and better knowing our competitors with the aim of being the best in the world at what we do.

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Software / IT

We are programmers and developers. We write code to provide the best dynamic interface for our users. We build a real artificial intelligence tailored to the service of our operations. This group, made up of the best in their field, live in a digital world where anything and everything is possible. Each task is a new challenge that will have a direct impact on the service offered to customers around the world as well as on the efficiency of our operations or increase our company's revenue. The "butterfly effect" takes its full meaning here: it starts with few lines of code to finally have the most rewarding impact in the real world.

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Business / eCommerce

We are doing business globally and the digital economy is our playground. We discuss ideas, experiment initiatives and when positively confirmed, we focus and commit all efforts necessary to succeed. Forming partnerships, negotiating the best deals, buying and selling is our core business. We like it. It's in our veins. Why customers will come to us is always present in the minds of the team involved in these functions. How to touch and improve the lives of billions of people is our real ambition. Because at the end of the day, the more people we reach, the bigger impact we have.

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Customer Services

We put robotics at the service of individuals! Whether directly by telephone, via our online support center or through our web site and community, everything is setup to guide the customer’s buying decision and to support them; before, during and after the acquisition of their products. The team involved in customer service, from order-taking to merchandise return, understands that humans still have a very important place in e-commerce. We say Yes to technology proving that it improves the customer experience, but when there is a need to talk to a human, we know for a fact that customers do not want to talk to a robot.

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We are always prepared to ship. All the organization’s efforts have led to this ultimate action and customers expect this from us. Not in 3 days but, today. Whether it is the transfer of goods between warehouses, logistics optimization, receiving, picking or shipping, through scanners and conveyors, orders have to be shipped no matter what. At the operational level, everything is optimized and these teams are part of something bigger than themselves; contributing to the work and mission of the entire organization.

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The service robotics market is enthralling and exciting. The future we foresee and build towards is a positive and greater future. We are seeking people that are motivated by these new possibilities, people who are passionate about leading-edge technology.

We are looking for people that are able to invest themselves in a mission.

We are looking for PROBOTs

Productive is what I really am

Responsible is my main attitude

Optimist is the way I see things

Be the best in my daily tasks

Open minded is my tool to innovate

Teamwork and Service are always on my mind

Working at Robotshop

We are known as the world’s leading source for robotics technology. We are in a field that has a bright future. We are just at page one, chapter one of the robotics revolution. Our strategy is solid, our growth is rapid and our ambitions are huge. At RobotShop, like many experts around the world, we believe that service robotics will become the next major industrial phase that humanity will encounter. RobotShop is a pioneer in its sector of activity. We work continuously to conserve and reinforce our leadership position to ensure we provide a positive impact. To ensure robotics has a positive impact.

We strongly believe that robotics can improve our lives, improve our environment and the world we live in; even improve the human race itself. It begins with robotics in education, then robotics in our homes, in all services and all industries, under water, in the field, in the air, in space and even inside our bodies. Robotics is everywhere and all sciences lead to better technologies and better robots: better humans. We, the RobotShop Team, are at the beginning of the innovation chain; we are the ones making this technology available to individuals worldwide. In every box that we ship, in every piece of technology that we develop or help develop, there is something that helps increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty or security of a human being. Every box that we ship, every piece of technology, may lead to the next technological breakthrough or solve an important issue humanity is facing.

You may be part of it now. You may be part of this future with us. Whether if you are working at the headquarters or remotely, thanks to a policy encouraging remote work, RobotShop is an innovative company that has the best career opportunities. Be prepared to develop, build and sell robots. Be prepared to ship. Be prepared to change the world.

We are RobotShop. We are all PROBOTs.


The RobotShop Team

RobotShop Is...

Leader in the fast growing robotics industry
Passionate people striving to be the best
Constantly evolving and improving environment

Our Benefits & Perks

“Robotics is moving fast. Join the adventure now!”
  • Possibility of working remotely and/or from the head office located in Mirabel;
  • Flexible hours;
  • 3 weeks of vacation per year (4 weeks after 3 years of service or from the start if 9 years of relevant experience);
  • 9 paid statutory holidays;
  • 2 paid days for sick leave, family or personal obligations;
  • Group insurance coverage available (partly covered by RobotShop);
  • Employee assistance program;
  • Pension plan with % of contribution from RobotShop;
  • Years of service recognition (annual gift);
  • Profit sharing program
  • Free social activities organized by the company (Annual summer BBQ, Christmas party, etc.);
  • Gatherings (virtual or in person) on Fridays, to encourage social interaction;
  • Discount for personal product purchases;
  • Reimbursement of approved training programs;
  • 2 terraces available to enjoy meals outside;
  • Free parking including charging stations for electric cars.